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Suzuki 14330-41601

Description: Muffler Kit, 2nd (a/k/a Silencer Kit)

Kit contains:

Material: Aluminum 6061-T6 (housing) Stainless Steel (baffle) Fiberglass (packing)

Fits: 1977 RM125B, 1978 RM125C, RM100C

Silencer on bike, angle view. Our silencer is designed and built by us to be a direct, bolt on replacement for the stock silencer, accurate in length and baffle diameter. This means no more compromised power band, no more risk of overheating from using a 'close but no cigar' silencer and no more cobbling something meant for something else. This silencer fits the 1977 RM125B and the 1978 RM125C, RM100C.

This new silencer is fully repackable *without* any ratty sheet metal screws or pop rivets. The housing is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, so even though we supply it with the natural aluminum finish, it will anodize well.

Top: Stock Middle: BRP Bottom: ours Our new silencer weighs in at eight ounces. The stock silencer we used as a pattern weighs 17 ounces. The original aftermarket Bassett Racing Products silencer (I bought it in 1978) we also used as a pattern weighs 11 ounces. We've included a picture of all three silencers for comparison.

Our silencer includes the clamp, a piece of emery cloth to clean up the stinger end of your expansion chamber, and an illustrated user guide that includes installation and maintenance information.

From the sound tests we ran, we believe our silencer - with fresh packing - is pretty much compliant with the latest FIM motocross silencer rules, though we are not ready to warrant it for sound performance. Also, this is not a spark arresting silencer. It is meant for use on closed circuit, competition settings and it tests very well for bench racing...

Silencer on bike, competition view.

Warranty: If you get the silencer and you don't like it - within 30 days of us getting your PayPal payment - put it back in the original packing and box along with a note about why you do not like it and ship it back to us (at your expense) and we'll refund your purchase price. If you get the silencer, run it for a while, cartwheel your bike off a triple busting up the silencer in the process and then decide you don't like it, well, please tell us about it but that one is yours to keep :)

Silencer on bike, view in pits. Otherwise, all sales are final so please email or call us if you've got any questions (715-868-0435) or want more pictures. Dealer inquires welcome. Thanks for looking!