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Swingarm Pivot Rebuilding

Please send (email or snail mail) us a few pictures of both ends of your swingarm pivot tube (along with the year and model) and your telephone number, and a good time to contact you. We'll take a look at it and then call you with an estimate.

Brake Plate Cable Boss Fix

While experimenting with a full floating rear brake on my RM125B, I managed to break the boss for the rear brake cable housing. I was able to machine a replacement that mounts to the backing plate with two M6x20 socket head cap screws. The repair is $25, which includes return shipping. We machine off the existing boss (or what is left of it), then drill and thread two holes and install our replacement boss. Typical turnaround should be about a week. Please contact us to schedule.

1979 RM125N Broken Front Fender Mounting Bolt Fix

I dunno which subcontractor (or Suzuki themselves) did not catch this one. Virtually every RM125N I've run into, one or more of the front fender mounting bolts are broken off on the underside of the lower triple clamp. It appears they didn't get the thread deep enough, or the bolts are too long. Worse, there is not enough metal there to support today's conventional thread inserts. Our solution: we (carefully) mount the triple clamp bottom side up in the mill and slowly bore out the broken bolts, plus a bit of aluminum until we have a hole 6.5mm in diameter. Next we thread this hole with a left handed M7x1.0 thread forming tap and loctite in a blank of 7075-T651 aluminum. We then drill and tap a new M6x1.0 hole to the correct depth completing the hole with a bottoming tap. Please contact us to schedule.

Custom Machining

Interested in having us machine a part that you have designed? Contact us!